KORG Legacy Collection Crack

Korg Legacy Collection 2 (Win/Mac) Crack Full Version Free

Korg Legacy Collection 2 (Win/Mac) Crack Full Version Free Download

KORG Legacy Collection Crack

KORG Legacy Collection Crack series, the TRITON Music Workstation Synthesizer, is finally available. As an author, KORG reproduced everything perfectly and without compromise. Now you can finally get the sounds that rocked the hit charts in the software. The sounds that represent an era are inevitably victims of the change of style and fashion. What was once new and refreshing becomes obsolete and boring. However, these sounds still retain the emotional value that originally touched the hearts of musicians and listeners.

The Korg Legacy Special Collection is included with alternate buttons and repercussions to create unique looks and mixes. In particular, you can develop the epic pads, competitive basses, massive chords, and everything in between yourself. All samples and gives strong happy and experienced.

Just by purchasing to clone the tone of the original components or the guitar, you can use Amp Game. In short, the Korg Legacy Special Collection consists of the 5 Spectrasonics “S. Clients can launch their less competitive and even smoother look within overall onboarding. Supports substituting other options along with Rever, Articulation, Stress, Swing and much more. Plus, it enables customers to boost their creativity and make creation enhancements.

It includes:

  • MS-20 v1.2.4-R2R
  • Polysix v1.4.2-R2R
  • Mono / Poly v1.2.2-R2R
  • M1 v1.8.2-R2R
  • WAVESTATION v1.8.3-R2R
  • MDE-X v1.4.3-R2R
  • LegacyCell v1.4.3-R2R

Key Features in Detail:


  • MONOPHONE SYNTHESIZER: The monophonic analog synthesizer with patching potential that went on sale in 1978: the MS-20. The entirety of the MS-20 is reproduced with its two oscillators (which can be ring modulated), self-oscillating high-pass / low-pass filters with unique distortion, and a head section with an external signal processor that can accommodate externals. audio input.

KORG Polysix

  • POLYPHONIC SYNTHESIZER: The 6-voice programmable polyphonic analog synthesizer released in 1981: Polysix. Everything from Polysix has been fully reproduced: the 1VCO (with sub-oscillator) / 1VCF / 1VCA / 1EG configuration allowing a selection of SAW / PW / PWM waveforms, chorus / phase / ensemble effects, and performance functions such as chord memory, arpeggiator and unison.
  • The software enables versatile sound creation with enhancements such as 32-voice polyphony (max.), Up to 16-voice Unison (with detune / spread function), flexible external modulation settings, MIDI clock synchronization for the modulation generator, and arpeggiator, and an extension function that adjusts the width of the effects.

KORG Mono / Poly

  • 4VCO SYNTHESIZER: The four VCO monophonic / polyphonic synthesizer released in 1981 and was considered the culmination of Korg’s expertise in building analog synthesizers: Mono / Poly.
  • Advanced chord memory and arpeggiator functions; and Synchro and Cross Modulation functions that can create revolutionary tonal effects.
  • The software adds many enhancements such as 128-voice (max) polyphony with up to 16-voice unison, two onboard multi-effects, and a virtual eight-way patch matrix. The virtual patch functionality allows you to use 159 different modulation sources to modulate 35 different destinations. This evolution of Mono / Poly allows for complex and diverse sound creation.


  • MUSIC WORKSTATION: The first workstation synthesizer, released in 1988, that defined the sound of the late ’80s and early’ 90s: M1. Along with its innovative “workstation” concept, the M1’s “AI” (Advanced Integrated) synthesis system used PCM waveforms and digital effects to deliver a complete program and combination of sounds. As a pioneer of PCM tone generation, it was notable not only for the reality of its sound, but also for the distinctive resonance and tonal character that demonstrated the high level of Korg’s voice technology.
  • Provides all PCM, program, and combination data found in the original M1 and M1EX internal PCM expansion, plus PCM data and program / combination data from the nineteen option ROM cards.


  • WAVE SEQUENCE SYNTHESIZER: The WAVESTATION synthesizer appeared in 1990 with its new “advanced vector synthesis system” that produced a new sound by combining and switching between multiple complex waveforms.
  • The user could operate a joystick to “mix” or “transform” between four oscillators, or create a wave sequence by placing waveforms in a specific order to create rhythmic or melodic sequence patterns.
  • The software provides extensive presets and waveforms found on all models in the series: WAVESTATION, WAVESTATION EX, WAVESTATION A / D, and WAVESTATION SR. In addition to a total of more than 1,500 built-in preset sounds, a massive number of PCM waveforms and additional wave sequences allow for even more varied sound production.


  • MULTI EFFECTS PROCESSOR: MDE-X is equipped with 19 different effect programs carefully selected from KORG digital effects, including Compressor, Limiter, Overdrive, Equalizer (EQ), Talking Modulator, Flanger, Phaser, Chorus, Delay, and Reverb.
  • The plug-in uses an effects algorithm derived from the high-quality TRITON family of synthesizers. Now you can use these effects that have defined the sound used in so many tracks of the software.

KORG Legacy Collection Crack


  • The Legacy M1 sounds almost identical to the original hardware version, but with less background noise.
  • Both synths in this collection include the data from the original optional PCM/ROM cards.
  • The M1 software features filter resonance and extra effects options not found in the original.
  • The package is superb value for money overall.


  • The effects levels in Legacy M1 are slightly higher than on the hardware version.
  • The patch card/number is not displayed after sounds have been selected.
  • No way to add Browser search tags to User bank sounds.

System Requirements:

  1. Hard Disk Space: 1.5 GB
  2. Processor: 400 MHz Intel Pentium processor
  3. Memory (RAM):  4 GB
  4. 32-bit and 64-bit (VST / VST3)
  5. Windows 7,8 and 10

How To install:

  1. Get the download link from down below
  2. Download the complete file.
  3. Install your program as instructed.


While the original Legacy Collection, had no single philosophy tying it together, the Digital Edition should please digital Korg fans by restricting itself to the M1 and Wave station, it’s superb value for money. There’s some talk of reissuing the Legacy MS20 and Legacy Polysix as the Analogue Edition and dispensing with the miniature hardware controller to bring the price down to a similar level, which also makes a lot of sense. I normally qualify my recommendations in various ways, but at this price, there’s nothing further to say. Unless you hate the sounds of the original M1 and Wave station, you should snap up these emulations before Korg realize their mistake and put up the price.

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